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In May 2017 I released the first Daws Hill album called QUIET STREETS.  Over the past months much time has been spent promoting QUIET STREETS, and also writing and recording which is my real love...creating.  So, following on the success of QUIET STREETS I'm happy to announce the release of the second Daws Hill album...FREE.  Please check it out and download the album or your favorite songs!

Both albums are available in the STORE page of this site.  Please check out the new songs and download your favorites and let me know

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The Daws Hill Blog...

Daws Hill releases second album - FREE 

Today is a big day...the release of the second Daws Hill album called FREE!!!  It has 8 new tracks plus an all acoustic cut of the title track FREE.  I'm very excited about the album and hope that you will all enjoy the songs.  Please let me know what you think!!!

New Album On The Way 

We have been busy working on new songs, and have release some as singles over the last few months.  With several more in the works now, we are excited to announce that our next album is expected to be released in May or June 2018.  Stay tuned for more info, and please follow Daws Hill on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

We would love to hear more from our listeners, so please post here or email us, or contact us via social media.


Daws Hill

QUIET STREETS Released on 5/21/2017 

We are excited to announce that our album QUIET STREETS was released on May 21, 2017!  You can stream it or purchase and download from the Store page of this site.  It is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other major retailers.  In addition, it is now on Spotify so add your favorite Daws Hill songs to your playlist!

Wish you all the best.


Update 5/7/2017 

New Song Released 5/7/2017 - "Soldier" by Daws Hill
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  We have been spending it working on a couple of new songs.  One of the new songs, called "Soldier", is available now on the music page of our site, and also as part of our EP that you can download from the store page.  The other song, called "Today", will be available soon.  Please check back soon or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.  Cheers!

New Songs Added - 4/30/2017 

We've been hard at work writing, arranging, and recording demos in preparation for starting a new studio album.  Today we added "Baby It's Time To Go", and we also recently added "Out of Control".  All demos are available for download from the Music page of our site, and also in the Store page.  At the store you can download the Demo EP (including all the demo songs) at a discount.  Please check out the songs and let us know what you think!  Cheers!!


Got this time and so much left to say, what's it gonna be today...”

— Daws Hill - Today