I'm a music professional with two decades of experience, who enjoys working with artists and bands to help them create and put out their very best recordings.  

I'm a musician (guitar, bass) first, and as a musician I know what it is like to put it all out there to try and create something special.  As a result, I work very well other artists and can provide a very personalized service, whether producing, mixing, recording, helping with overdubs, mastering, etc.  I love the whole process from songwriting all the way through mastering and releasing the new creations into the world.  

I'm a songwriter and artist myself (see Ken Stringer Music).  I write, record, mix and master my own songs as well as with / for others.  I've been in bands, I've been a solo artist.  I know what it takes.

I'm professional, responsible, honest, eager to help, quick to respond, and always looking for new folks to work and collaborate with.  I love working with anyone, from young, independent artists or bands just getting going, all the way up to seasoned acts working on their fifth (or more) album. 

I am definitely down for grabbing a coffee (if we're in the same area), or a virtual hang via FaceTime (or other) platform, to discuss your interests and project needs or ideas and to see if we may be a good fit for each other.  Just get in touch with me and lets connect!

For more about services offered, please see the SERVICES page of the site.  I've got the expertise to help artists get the most from their projects and sound their best, so give me a shot!

I hope to continue with this musical journey for a long time to come, and I look forward to working with and helping others fulfill their musical dreams.


Ken Stringer

Daws Hill Music