I started my musical journey in my early teens when I started playing guitar.  I grew up in the 1970's - 1980's, and the sounds of ACDC, Rush, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc., shaped my early days in music, and it was Jimi Hendrix that really inspired me to pick up the guitar.  Over the years I would play in various rock cover bands, starting in high school, plus some bands that were more originals focused.  While I enjoyed playing in bands, my main musical passion has always been the creative process of writing and recording songs and albums and all that goes into it.  


In the mid-1990's I decided to start my own project and released an album called Six Exits From Nowhere which was a dream come true for me.  Writing many songs, working in a recording studio and laying down all the tracks, mixing, mastering, etc. was so much fun...I was hooked!  I put a band together, many many gigs were played, great times were had.  Eventually that chapter ended, and I moved on to what would become my main career in a completely different field.  However, I still kept playing music, writing, doing my own demo recordings (Tascam 8-track analog back then) and learning in the hopes of getting back in the studio one day to cut more albums.  And then...


Fast forward to the mid-2000's, and the rapid changes going on in the music industry and recording technology.  I invested in a new computer, an audio interface, my very own copy of ProTools, and some other gear.  I was on my way.  I started recording, learning, studying, re-recording...many, many songs.  Finally i the next chapter was taking shape, and my new project called Daws Hill came to fruition with the release of the album "Quiet Streets".  This effort was followed in by the release of the second Daws Hill album "Free".  The momentum is continuing to build, and there will be a third Daws Hill album released sometime in 2019.

As my knowledge and experience and skill have continued to evolve and grow, I have started working on branching out to work in other areas besides writing and recording, and with other artists and studios.  Daws Hill is no longer just a solo recording project, it is a multi-faceted business that can provide services such as songwriting collaboration, music mixing and mastering, and producing.  For more about services offered, please see the SERVICES page of the site.  I've got the expertise to help artists get the most from their projects and sound their best.


I hope to continue with this musical journey for a long time to come, and I look forward to working with and helping others fulfill their musical dreams.