Fantastic, a true professional, it was a real pleasure working with him. I got what I was looking for.”

Chris from Edgar Allan Poets

“Ken Stringer of Daws Hill Music mixed and produced our album ‘Live at Whisky A Go-Go’ with such extreme precision and attention to detail that the music feels truly alive. You actually feel that you’re right there in front of the stage and experiencing a sonic bliss that stirs your soul and makes you passionate about living again. He hit the sonic mark like the true master he is.””

— IQueen - lead singer for Royal Distortion

We recorded our debut album with Steve Albini who’s done Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, Led Zeppelin’s Page and Plant, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, etc...and we love our album. Steve does EVERYTHING on analog tape so the ONLY process he doesn’t touch is who’s great enough to master our album after Albini did his magic: Ken Stringer of Daws Hill Music that’s who. We sent a track to a few people to master and after not being satisfied, we luckily discovered Daws Hill Music and sent him a track to master. When he sent it back the next day: we were blown away. He did our full album now.”

Prince of Lillies

As Barb Wire Dolls we have been fortunate to have recorded our debut album with Steve Albini and our next two studio albums with Jay Baumgardner. When it came time to record our 4th studio album, we happened to hear a track mixed and Produced by Ken Stringer of Daws Hill Music. And we were blown away. Ken understands our need for precise perfection and how to really make a track jump out and grab you. We are super excited to be working with him on our new record and with his talent in music, and his dedication to making us happy sonically, it was a no brainer to go with him. 100% happy!”

Barb Wire Dolls

We could have worked once again with Grammy Award Winning producers and mixers, as we have in the past, but once Ken Stringer at Daws Hill Music mixed our first track: we immediately knew who to work with. An absolute professional and master at his craft, he perfectly mixed our “Live At Whisky A Go-Go” album and then we decided to continue working with him to produce and mix our studio album. He’s that good. It’s amazimg that his prices are still so reasonable. This guy will receive a Grammy someday for his mastery. We highly suggest any artist in rock oriented music contact him ASAP.”

Royal Distortion