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Daws Hill Music Has Moved!!! 

That's right!  We have completed our move to the New Hampshire north country, and begun operation in our new location!!!  We look forward to all the music to be written, rehearsed, played, recorded, edited, mixed, mastered and enjoyed here in this beautiful new location.  

If you are interested in working with us on your next project, please contact us at or via social media, or thru the contact page on our web site

We are also available on


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Fall 2020 Update 

Hey there folks!  The past year and a half has been busy, and crazy with all the weird stuff going on in the world for the last 7 months.  Since my last update I have completed work on a live album and studio tracks for Royal Distortion.  I have also done some mixing and mastering work for some new projects Prince of Lilies, Pyn Doll, Edgar Allen Poets, and Sweet Mystic.  Check out their tracks on Spotify, etc.!  

Things have slowed down a bit here late in 2020, but hoping to pick it back up.  If you are…

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Royal Distortion and Barb Wire Dolls 

WOW!  What an amazing start to 2019!

First, I was asked by the amazing band Royal Distortion to produce their album "Live at the Whisky a Go Go".  The show was recorded at the legendary Whisky a Go Go in December 2018.  The live album will include all of the songs from their set that night, which was so powerful and amazing.  Be sure to feast your ears on that when it is released in the near future!

The audio production for this show will also be featured in a documentary film about the band, being…

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